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      �月ゥ·Keeling failed to find any indication of ‘singing in the wilderness’ here, nor had he got that particular sense of humour which could find provender for itself in these almost majestic structures of incoherence. At all times his wife’s ideas ran softly into each other like the marks left by words on blotting paper; now they exhibited a somewhat greater energy and ran into each other with something of the vigour of vehicles moving in opposing directions.ぱバ�イゥぅぅ

      �埭ぅイ‘He introduced me: it was his secretary. Such a handsome girl. I think she tried to snub me, but we poor parsons are unsnubbable. She told me that she quite agreed with Mr Keeling.’い彖‘I wonder if you would do me a great favour,’ he said bluntly.嫡设ば



      �やをぷShe looked up at him, and it was clear to each when their eyes met, that the same species of thought was in the mind of both: both at any rate were thinking of what had occurred yesterday. But immediately she looked away again, silently pondering something, and he, watching her, saw that soft frown like a vertical pencil-mark appear between her eyebrows. Then it cleared again, and she looked at him with a smile that conveyed her comprehension of the ‘rubbishy reason,’ and a sudden flush that came over her face confirmed that to him. Naturally it was as awkward, even as impossible for her to speak of it, as it was for him; she could but consent to go or refuse to.ぅ辘钉嗓癀�バゥいい槲


      ‘You are coming to the library this evening, are you not?’よぁ萧丐She sighed.铯ぅ

      ‘Are you serious?’ she asked.いいぅ‘I wonder if you would do me a great favour,’ he said bluntly.てい蕖モい�蒿肖─ゼ

      �幛ョ痧@ッMrs Goodford being helped first, poured the greater part of the cream over her tart, and began on Hugh. Hugh would have been judged by a sentimental school-girl to be much the best looking of all the Keelings, for the resemblance between him and the wax types of manly beauty which used to appear in the windows of hairdressers{24}’ establishments was so striking as to be almost uncanny. You wondered if there was a strain of hairdresser blood in his ancestors. He had worked himself up from the lowest offices in his father’s stores; he had been boy-messenger for the delivery of parcels, he had sold behind the counters, he had been through the accountant’s office, he had travelled on behalf of the business, and knew the working of it all from A to Z. In course of time he would become General Manager, and his father felt that in his capable hands it was not likely that the business would deteriorate. He spoke little, and usually paused before he spoke, and when he spoke he seldom made a mistake. The brilliance of his appearance was backed by a solid and sensible mind.イ‘Nonsense. Seven pounds is a very good price. I know the cost of woodcuts.’ゥザひ


      ‘Yes, it’s just a matter of business, isn’t it?’ he said.{188}鲤�ゥ播┵ゥゥヒ�コ踏秤ˉ

      She raised her eyes for a half-second.ぅ挂ぁぅHe knew quite well that he was adopting a bullying tone. But he had no inclination to be bullied himself. One or other of them had to be vanquished over this, and he was quite determined that he would not hold the white flag. There was something to be fought for, something which he could not give up.{145}吧ゥっAgain he laughed.ぅゥと亭